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We build four as well as six string dulcimers. Our four string models are the ones you might be more accustomed to seeing.

A word here about our six string models. Years ago we began attempting to build  a dulcimer that will play louder, one that you can accompany other instruments with and be better heard as the dulcimer is by nature a soft sounding instrument we and others feel that the six string model meets this need. There have, through the years, been other six string dulcimers. However we have improved the instrument to what it is today. The four and six string models are scaled and fretted the same way and are played the same. The six string gives a more full sound. Shown on this page are both four and six string dulcimers. The wood type and sound hole designs are optional. All our dulcimers feature Grover machine tuners and come with a custom made case, extra set of strings, a pick, a noter and an instructional songbook.

Price range from $485 - $685

*Certain custom orders higher. Contact us for details.